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Data, processed rapidly and with accuracy, becomes information upon which conclusions are based. Sanjeevani utilizes the appropriate tools to evaluate information on an ongoing basis thereby allowing the availability of statistical results shortly after LPLV.

Sanjeevani Will
Develop the Statistical Analysis Plan
Provide sample size determinations and power calculations
Perform statistical analysis, including SAS dataset creation, SAS program development & all required testing and validation.
Create a complete data package with validation of tables and listings
Provide scientifically sound interpretation and reporting of results
Provide clients with remote access to data for analysis


Sanjeevani provides SAS consulting services in the area of Technical Specification Development, Project Management, Statistical Analysis, Code Review, Data Mart and Warehouse Design.

Our comprehensive consulting services include:
Research question definition – helping your organization determine what it really needs to know.
Study design – developing a research plan that will produce valid, reliable answers.
Sampling – determining sample size, criteria for inclusion and sampling methodology.
Survey/data collection instrument design – developing surveys, medical record abstraction tools or other forms to collect the required data.
Data collection
identifying and acquiring existing databases or, more commonly, developing data “from scratch” using a variety of collection methods including: medical record reviews, surveys, focus groups, interviews, data tracking sheets, review of legislation and internet research.
Report preparation – creating clear, comprehensive reports
Planning activities
organizing meetings, task force leadership and other activities to help you assess our recommendations and select your course of action.
Follow-up studies – tracking the results of changes implemented in response to recommendations.