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Sanjeevani has established a Clinical Research Business Unit Team through which client’s project will be managed. This Clinical Research Business Unit Team is comprised of experts who understand how to design and execute a successful Clinical study across all risk classifications and approval pathways. This Team advises and provides guidance for all clinical trials within Sanjeevani recognizing that these trials require highly specialized regulatory support.

This team of highly skilled professionals will act as an additional resource to the Project Team on a gratis basis. They will serve as a depot for information, allowing direct access to ongoing relevant management and/or treatment information as well as providing structure and guidance with respect to client’s project conduct.

With the name of Sanjeevani Our CRO has emerged as one of the most powerful players in the Clinical Market. The Potentiality of Sanjeevani lays in its high acumen PI’s and good number of sites which is always ready for commencing and executing the Clinical Trial. We have high expertise personals in all the areas for executing and managing the Trial Process in the best ways.

Sanjeevani is available to help clinical site successfully conduct the trials .Our responsibility is to oversight and evaluateTherapeutic Clinical Trial which can be Multiprotocol, Multicenter ,single protocol single site Trials. We help in conducting the trial across the country or countries with multiple sites (management) in different areas.