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The Sanjeevani culture is defined by its openness, compassion, dynamism, challenges and adherence to the highest standards of integrity and ethics. The environment offers tremendous opportunities to explore learn and demonstrate one’s potential.


We encourage students who have the talent and aptitude to join us as interns under our hands-on internship programme,“Vidhyalay” which prepares students to make the transition from classrooms to cubicles. Over a period that ranges between 4 weeks to 24 weeks, Vidhyalay provides students with an enriching experience, business intelligence, the requisite tools and networking opportunities with Sanjeevani’s leadership team so as to prepare them for a career in the healthcare industry.

Besides learning about Sanjeevani and what makes the Company so unique in the pharmaceutical industry, the experience ensures that students learn the operational nuances of the pharmaceutical world while completing the academic requirements of an assigned project.