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Clinical Trial Management

Our database of key investigators and opinion leaders, organized by therapeutic and geographic area, will expedite your site screening and selection process. Once sites are selected for participation, Sanjeevani offers a full range of site initiation and management services to ensure your study runs smoothly.

Services include:
Site telephone interviews to determine interest, availability & expertise
Preparation of letters of confidentiality, conduct qualification visits and formal evaluation reports
Investigator Meeting support
Orientation/Initiation Visits, including Verification, Collection of regulatory documents and discussion of trial parameters
Interim monitoring visits, including source data verification, IRB / SAE document review and CRF corrections
Ongoing trial site management
Close-out visits, including final binder review, final drug accountability / return and review of study Documentation

In addition to the traditional monitoring activities, Sanjeevani also offers internet-based remote site monitoring. This reduces the number of required site visits and allows us to monitor site performance and documentation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.